A Note From The Author

First off, apologies for the inconsistent posts. The first year or so of my writing for this blog has been extremely inconsistent due to life in general.  I like writing these for free so that requires me to work a lot and my occupation is unpredictable at the best of times.  In anticipation of this I have decided to try to post blog posts as a series on a bi-weekly basis and have them written ahead of time because of this I have to ask that I am given a month to get my sources in order, read, and edited. Hopefully this provides you as an audience some better quality material and gives me more time to plan out my posts.

I appreciate the few of you who do follow me, your opinion matters, and as always I am open to contributions from outside sources, all you gotta do is email me what you want me to post and if it is something I think is in keeping with what I try to do here I’ll post it.  If I don’t I will do my best to give good reason why. ]

Sorry again, and thank you for your patience.


email me your work at: abel.t.banks@gmail.com

If you want, include a head shot, a brief description of yourself, and a link to your blog so I can maximize the amount of recognition you get for your contribution.

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