What we hope to provide here is not simply a hub for the unique but a place where one can rethink old. The unique we hope to provide can bridge the common gap between the secular and the theistic as well to provide a new interpretation of old thought.

Much of what you will see here— if only at the early stages— will be interpretations of philosophical topics ranging from existentialists, to moral utilitarian, to Contrarianism. In essence, the content will be a mixture of basic philosophy, aesthetics, and political theory.


…now and again you may see a few unique instances where these topics are applied in a derivative fashion to aid an idea on of our contributors wishes to convey. This is where we hope the unique side of our content will show itself.

At the end of it all we hope those who view our content do so as objective, open, and curious thinkers. We do not post our content to initiate argument in the social media definition, rather, if argument is to occur— as it will occur on a philosophical forum — it is to be dialectic in nature.

All things aside, we hope that any time spent on this site renders a positive and stimulating experience.

Abel T. Banks


If you wish to contribute content to abetbanks.com feel free to send a sample of your work to us through the “Contact Us” page